Single Origin

Peru La Convencion

Near the confluence of the Vilcanota and Yanatile rivers, there live a number of coffee growing communities.  Using organic methods, heirloom typica and yellow caturra are cultivated in the rich, clay soils.  Due to the shade requirements of natural cultivation, forested area has been preserved for generations.

This will be our fourth harvest working with the thirty families of our project in La Convencion.  We selected these farmers based on quality and commitment to sustainability.  As their partner, we’ve implemented premiums to invest in improvements on the farm level which have included the construction of solar driers and delivery of organic fertilizers.

During harvest, fully ripe cherries are hand selected, pulped, fermented overnight and then washed.  After drying for 7-10 days on raised beds in solar driers, the coffee is delivered to the local mill for quality screening and storage.  We work with a team of cuppers at the mill to identify the highest quality deliveries that are then set aside for Vita.

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